Aliveness | Reset the body

Integrate a more intuitive way of living


There is more wisdom in the body than in your deepest philosophy.

- Friedrich Nietzsche

Growing body awareness is fundamental to experience pleasure, space and a deep trust from within. 
Aliveness, Reset the body, is a six-week program on how to consciously

inhabit our body to heal ourselves and experience full aliveness. 


Through the Aliveness program you will:

  • Open up (to life) through the development of body awareness

  • Energize and ground yourself connecting with inner peace 

  • Explore aliveness and playfulness while releasing blocks and internal resistance 

 ​The Aliveness program is part of the tandem-series on Trust & Aliveness by Fenja Sepers (trust) & Leoni van de Water (aliveness). This series aim is to reset mind & body so we can start waking up our innate ability of a more intuitive way of living.


by Leoni

About the Aliveness series

 Applying aliveness is about the change we bring to our 

energy field when we connect to the power of the body. 

What is aliveness? We ARE life and every moment IS alive. Think about all the life on earth; plants, birds, trees, rocks, animals, humans. All this is alive because there is life force energy flowing all around and through everything that exists. Also in you, in every cell of your being, there is life force energy. It makes your blood flow, your heart beat and your organs do their magic.

Our bodies and this life force energy has an intelligence that we can access though body awareness. Often we don’t FEEL alive or in struggle with life. We are fighting life, feeling stuck, stressed and worried. In the Aliveness program you deepen your connection with the intelligence of your body and through this find ways to open up for more aliveness, more joy and inner peace. 

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 What to expect


This is what we are going to do


Balance our mind-body connection

Learn how to use your body wisdom to take conscious action

Learn how to use your body wisdom to find deep rest

Develop your self-healing skills for more peace

Deepen understanding of language of the body

The science of emotions 

Develop sense-awareness & energy awareness

Activate your higher-self qualities when you need them most



  • 6-week (or 12-week) process

  • One 1-on-1 coaching session (45 minutes, online) with Leoni or Fenja

  • One time a week online group meeting (Wednesdays 7.30pm CEST)

  • Working in a small online group setting 

  • We will provide a daily practice (45 minutes a day) throughout the course

  • Bonus/extra: Unlimited access to the 10-day inner strength meditations series

Overall effects 


  • Facing and overcoming old fears and (mind) patterns

  • Start creating a deep feeling of tranquility and trust

  • Learning to act from strength and confidence 

  • Access a new layer of understanding and knowing

  • Activate a new way of navigating through life

  • Move from reactive action to conscious action 

What others say about

our programs

"It connected me with myself and my surroundings, more trust, acceptance, and understanding."

— David

 "Revealing, healing, connecting."

— Fiorella

"I think it really makes a difference. Everyone should do this. It would make the world a better place."

— Justine

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Moving into aliveness & trust -
Aliveness starting on Wed the 3rd May
Trust starting on Tue the 9th of June 
6-week aliveness € 340,- 
7-week trust €390,-
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